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Flathead Valley Trout Unlimited maintains this library of scientific papers and other information relating to local native fish, fisheries issues and biology for the use of our members and friends.

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Bull Trout1995Andrus Center for Public PolicySearching for Solutions: Solving the Bull Trout PuzzleBT1
Bull Trout2008Dunham, J.C. Baxter, K. Fausch, W. Fredenberg, S.Kitano, I. Koizumi, T. Nakamura, B. Rieman, K. Savvaitova, J. Stanford, E. Taylor and S. YamamotoEvolution, Ecology, and Conservation of Dolly Varden, White-spotted Char and Bull TroutBT2
Bull Trout1989Fraley, J.C. and B. ShepardLife History, Ecology and Population Status of Migratory Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus) in the Flathead Lake and River System, MontanaBT20
Bull Trout2007Fredenberg, W., M. Meeuwig, and C. GuyAction Plan to Conserve Bull Trout in Glacier National Park, MontanaBT24
Bull Trout1997Hunter, C.Bull Trout Restoration Planning - Montana StyleBT3
Bull Trout2013Jones, L., C. Muhlfeld, L. Marshal, B. McGlynn, and J. KershnerEstimating Thermal Regimes of Bull Trout and Assessing the Potential Effects of Climate Warming on Critical HabitatsBT25
Bull Trout1996Knowles, C.J., and R.G. GumtowSaving the Bull TroutBT4
Bull Trout2000Montana Bull Trout Restoration TeamRestoration Planning for Bull Trout in the Clark Fork River Basin and Kootenai River BasinBT5
Bull Trout1996Montana Bull Trout Scientific GroupThe Role of Stocking in Bull Trout RecoveryBT21
Bull Trout2002Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks & Confederated Salish and Kootenai TribeNative Trout Security Levels for the Flathead SystemBT18
Bull Trout2002American Fisheries SocietyResponse to: Native Trout Security Levels for the Flathead SystemBT18a
Bull Trout2009Porter, M. and M. NelitzA Future Outlook on the Effects of Climate Change on Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus) Habitats in the Cariboo-ChilcotinBT7
Bull Trout1995Racicot, M.Walking the Walk for Bull TroutBT8
Bull Trout1996Rieman, B.E. and D.L. MyersUse of Redd Counts to Detect Trends in Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus) PopulationsBT9
Bull Trout1996Rieman, B.E. and J.D. McIntyreSpatial and Temporal Variability in Bull Trout Redd CountsBT22
Bull Trout2001Rieman, B.E. and F.W. AllendorfEffective Population Size and Genetic Conservation Criteria for Bull TroutBT10
Bull Trout1999Rieman, B.E. and G.L. ChandlerEmpirical Evaluation of Temperature Effects on Bull Trout Distribution in the NorthwestBT11
Bull Trout2007Rieman, B.E., D. Isaak, S. Adams, D. Horan, D. Nagel, C. Luce and D. MyersAnticipated Climate Warming Effects on Bull Trout Habitats and Populations Across the Interior Columbia River BasinBT12
Bull Trout2010Smith, T.A History of Bull Trout and the Salish and Pend d'Oreille PeopleBT17
Bull Trout2010Tennant, L.B. Spawning and Early Life Characteristics of Bull Trout in a Headwater-Lake EcosystemBT16
Bull Trout1992Tomas, G. for MFWPStatus Report: Bull Trout in MontanaBT23
Bull Trout1998U.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceBull Trout FactsBT13
Bull Trout2005U.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceStatus Report: Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus): Draft Recovery PlanBT14
Bull Trout2008U.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceStatus Report: Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentus)BT15
Cutthroat Trout2005Muhlfeld, C.C., B. Marotz, S.R. Thorrold, and J.L. FitzGeraldGeochemical Signatures in Scales Record Stream of Origin in Westslope Cutthroat TroutCT1
Cutthroat Trout2009Muhlfeld, C.C., S.T. Kalinowski, T.E. McMahon, M.L. Taper, S. Painter, R.F. Leary and F.W. AllendorfHybridization Rapidly Reduces Fitness of a Native Trout in the WildCT2
Cutthroat Trout2009Muhlfeld, C.C., T.E. McMahon, D. Belcer, and J.L. KershnerSpatial and Temporal Spawning Dynamics of Native Westslope Cutthroat Trout, Onchorhynchus Clarkia lewisi, Introduced Rainbow Trout, Onchorhynchus mykiss, and Their HybridsCT3
Cutthroat Trout2009Muhlfeld, C.C., T.E. McMahon, M.C. Boyer and R.E. GresswellLocal Habitat, Watershed and Biotic Factors Influencing the Spread of Hybridization Between Native Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Introduced Rainbow TroutCT4
Cutthroat Trout2007State of Montana, et. al.Memorandum of Understanding and Conservation Agreement for Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout in MontanaCT5
Flathead Basin1986Beattie, W., P. Clancy and T. VogelEffect of Operation of Kerr and Hungry Horse Dams on the Reproductive Success of Kokanee in the Flathead SystemFB26
Flathead Basin2006Beauchamp, D.A., M.W. Kershner, N.C. Overman, J. Rhydderch, J. Linn and L. HauserTrophic Interactions of Nonnative Lake Trout and Lake Whitefish in the Flathead Lake Food WebFB1
Flathead Basin1955Block, D.G.Trout Migration and Spawning Studies on the North Fork Drainage of the Flathead RiverFB32
Flathead Basin1984Darling, J.E., P. Pajak, M.P. Wunderlich, J.M. DosSantos and P.D. CrossFlathead Basin Annual ReportFB2
Flathead Basin1999Deleray, M.L., S. Knotek, S. Rumsey, and T. WeaverFlathead Lake and River System Fisheries Status ReportFB3
Flathead Basin1995Deleray, M.L., W. Fredenberg and B. HansenKokanee Stocking and Monitoring: Flathead Lake 1993 and 1994FB4
Flathead Basin2005Dux, A.M.Distribution and Population Characteristics of Lake Trout in Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park: Implications for SuppressionFB5
Flathead Basin2010Ellis, B.K., J.A. Stanford, D. Goodman, C.P. Stafford, D.L. Gustafson, D.A. Beauchamp, D.W. Chess, J.A. Craft, M.A. Deleray and B.S. HansenLong-term Effects of a Trophic Cascade in a Large Lake EcosystemFB23
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Flathead Basin1984Fraley, J.J.Effects of the Operation of Hungry Horse Dam on the Kokanee Fishery in the Flathead River SystemFB29
Flathead Basin1989Fraley, J.J. and B.B. ShepardEcology and Population Status of Migratory Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentis) in the Flathead Lake and River System, MontanaFB7
Flathead Basin2002Fredenberg, W.Further Evidence That Lake Trout Displace Bull Trout in Mountain LakesFB8
Flathead Basin1999Fredenberg, W., D. Carty, M. Deleray, L. Knotek and B. HansenKokanee Stocking and Monitoring in Flathead Lake: Final Report 1999 to Bonneville Power AdministrationFB9
Flathead Basin1977Hanzel, D.Angler Pressure and Game Fish Harvest Estimates for 1975 in the Flathead River System Above Flathead LakeFB31
Flathead Basin1994Hanzel, D.Flathead River Creel Report 1992-1993: Final ReportFB25
Flathead Basin1987International Joint Commission Biological Resources CommitteeFlathead River International Study, Technical Report SummaryFB27
Flathead Basin2010Kalinowski, S.T., C.C. Muhlfeld, C.S. Guy and B. CoxFounding Population Size of an Aquatic Invasive SpeciesFB10
Flathead Basin2004Marotz, B.Tough Love; Why it makes sense to kill some fish to save othersFB24
Flathead Basin1998McIntyre, J.D. FacilitatorAn Assessment of Bull Trout and Lake Trout Interactions in Flathead Lake, MontanaFB11
Flathead Basin2000Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and Confederated Salish and Kootenai TirbesFlathead Lake and River Fisheries Co-Management Plan, 2001-2010FB12
Flathead Basin2006Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and Confederated Salish and Kootenai TribesPhase II of the Five Year Review of the Flathead Lake and River Fisheries Co-Management Plan: Technical Synopsis and Management Recomendations SectionFB30
Flathead Basin2009Montana Fish, Wildlife and ParksEnvironmental Assessment and Decision Notice for an Experimental Removal of Lake Trout in Swan Lake, MontanaFB13
Flathead Basin2005Muhlfeld, C.C. and B. MarotzSeasonal Movement and Habitat Use by Subadult Bull Trout in the Upper Flathead River System, MontanaFB14
Flathead Basin2008Muhlfeld, C.C., D.H. Bennett, R.K. Steinhorst, B. Marotz and M.BoyerUsing Bioenergetics Modeling to Estimate Consumption of Native Juvenile Salmonids by Nonnative Northern Pike in the Upper Flathead River System, MontanaFB15
Flathead Basin2006Muhlfeld, C.C., M.L. Taper, D.F. Staples and B.B. ShepardObserver Error Structure in Bull Trout Redd Counts in Montana Streams: Implications for Inference on True Redd NumbersFB16
Flathead Basin2006Muhlfeld, C.C., S.E. Glutting, R. Hunt, D. Daniels and B. MarotzWinter Diel Habitat Use and Movement by Subadult Bull Trout in the Upper Flathead River, MontanaFB17
Flathead Basin2011Muhlfeld, C.C., L. Jones, D. Kotter, W.J. Miller, D. Geise, J. Tohtz and B. MarotzAssessing the Impact of river Regulation on Native Bull Trout (Salvelinus confluentis) and Westslope Cutthroat Trout (Onchorhynchus clarkii lewisii) Habitats in the Upper Flathead River, MontanaFB28
Flathead Basin1986Zubik, R.J. and J. FraleyDetermination of Fishery Losses in the Flathead System Resulting from the Construction of Hungry Horse DamFB18
Flathead Basin2009National Park ServiceLarge-scale Removal of Lake Trout in Quartz Lake: Environmental AssessmentFB19
Flathead Basin1999Spencer, C.N., D.S. Potter, R.T. Bukantis and J.A. StanfordImpact of Predation by Mysis relicta on Zooplankton in Flathead Lake, Montana, USAFB20
Flathead Basin2009Steed, A., D. Belcer, R. Hunt, S. Glutting and M. BoyerInvestigations of the Hungry Horse Mitigation Program, 2007-2008, Annual ReportFB21
Flathead Basin2006Weaver, T., M. Deleray and S. RumseyFlathead Lake and River System Status ReportFB22
General Fisheries2008Columbia Basin Fish AccordsMemorandum of Agreement between the State of Montana, The Bonneville Power Administration, The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Bureau of ReclamationGD1
General Fisheries2010Bohl, R.J., T.B. Henry, and R.J. StrangeElectroshock-induced mortality in freshwater fish embryos increases with embryo diameter: a model based on results from 10 speciesGD2
General Fisheries1987Duffield, J., J. Loomis and R. BrooksThe Net Economic Value of Fishing in MontanaGD4
General Fisheries2011Wenger, S.J., D.J. Isaak, C.H. Luce, H.M. Neville, K.D. Fausch, J.B. Dunham, D.C. Dauwalter, M.K. Young, M.M. Elsner, B.E. Rieman, A.F. Hamlet and J.E. WilliamsFlow Regime, Temperature, and Biotic Interactions Drive Differential Declines of Trout Species Under Climate ChangeGD3
Lake Trout2000Johnson, B.M. and P.J. MartinezTrophic Economics of Lake Trout Management in Reservoirs of Differing ProductivityLT1
Lake Trout2009Martinez, P.J., P.E. Bigelow, M.A. Deleray, W.A. Fredenberg, B.S. Hansen, N.J. Horner, S.K. Lehr, R.W. Schineidervin, S.A. Tolentino and A.E. ViolaWestern Lake Trout WoesLT2
Lake Trout2009Stevens, D.K., K. McDonald, and N. BishopAre Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) From Flathead Lake, Montana, USA "Safe" to Eat? - An Integrated Mercury Risk Evaluation StudyLT4
Lake Trout1995Varley, J.D. and P. Schullery (editors)The Yellowstone Crisis: Confronting a Lake Trout InvasionLT3
Pend Oreille2009Fredricks, J. and A. DuxLake Pend Oreille Fishery Recovery Update, November 2009OW1
Pend Oreille2007Hansen, M.Predator-Prey Dynamics in Lake Pend Oreille. Final Report July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007OW3
Pend Oreille2006Hansen, M., L. Liter, S. Cameron and N. HornerMark-Recapture Study of Lake Trout Using Large Trap Nets in Lake Pend Oreille; 07/01/2006 - 11/30/2006OW4
Pend Oreille2012Idaho Dept. of Fish and GamePanhandle Region Annual Fisheries Report: 2011 Activities and AccomplishmentsOW12
Pend Oreille1980Rieman, E. and B. BowlerKokanee Trophic Ecology and Limnology in Pend Oreille LakeOW8
Pend Oreille2010Wahl, N.C. and A.M. DuxEvaluation of Lake Trout Spawning Locations in Lake Pend Oreille, 2008OW9
Swan Lake2011Rosenthal, L. for Swan Valley Bull Trout Working GroupExperimental Removal of Lake Trout in Swan Lake, MT: 2010 Annual ReportOW7
Swan Lake2012Rosenthal, L., W. Fredenberg, J. Syslo, and C. GuyExperimental Removal of Lake Trout in Swan Lake, MT: 3-year Summary ReportOW11
Yellowstone2009Gresswell, R.E.Scientific Review Panel Evaluation of the National Park Service Lake Trout Suppression Program in Yellowstone LakeOW2
Yellowstone2005Koel, T.M., P.E. Bigelow, P.D. Doepke and B.D. ErtelNonnative Lake Trout Result in Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Decline and Impacts to Bears and AnglersOW5
Yellowstone1995National Park Service, Edited by J. Varley and P. SchulleryThe Yellowstone Lake Crisis; Confronting a Lake Trout InvasionOW6
Yellowstone2010National Park ServiceNative Fish Conservation Plan: Environmental AssessmentOW10
Yellowstone2010National Park ServiceEnvironmental Assessment: Appendix A-FOW10b
Yellowstone2010National Park ServiceEnvironmental Assessment: Appendix GOW10a